Inside UrbanGreen

UrbanGreen was established by Director, Stuart Dennis, an award-winning landscaper with 15 years experience in the industry. Stuart has a passion for creating landscapes of striking beauty that complement and blend in with their surroundings.

Right from a young age Stuart dabbled with plants, building structures and shifting soil which was were it was first realised he would follow his career in some sort of horticultural field.

Stuart left school and worked for a local landscape contractor for approximately one and a half years were he gained some of his knowledge of the landscape industry.

He left this employment to work for the Rotorua District Council where he got an apprenticeship in Amenity Horticulture which extended his knowledge of the industry. During his time at the Council he was promoted to Public Gardens Foreman were he was responsible for 16 staff and the general running of the public gardens.

During this stage of his council career he started his first independent landscaping projects and soon realised that there was more opportunity as a self employed contractor than following a career at the District Council.

This is when he broke ties with the council and went out on his own as a landscape contractor. Landscapes New Zealand Ltd was formed, and soon acquired a bobcat business. New Zealand timber and landscapes Supplies (branded as Pod Landscape Supplies) was established five years ago as a complementary landscape supply business to LNZ.

Since the business inception, Stuart has focused on providing a total solution for his clients. This customer-focused approach and an ever-growing portfolio of stunning outdoor spaces caused the Rotorua landscaping business to grow rapidly from a sole operator contracting business to a thriving business employing 15 talented staff.

As demand for his services spread throughout the Bay of Plenty, Stuart was lead to rethink his business model in order to deliver on his growing client needs. The first expansion was undertaken in 2005, when a landscape product supply business, Pod, was opened in Rotorua. Pod is still operating successfully and is a key supplier of outdoor products to the Rotorua market.

UrbanGreen are members of the Landscape Industries Association (Landscaping New Zealand).